Full Colour Posters

Wide Format Posters from A3 – A0 Posters are ideal for displaying vibrant and colourful images. Our quality poster paper will make your message the centre of attention. High-quality, full-colour digital printing available on one side on a 125gsm Silk paper with a great quality finish. Available in various sizes. REQUEST



A3,A2,A1 Full-colour Posters printed on Coated Poster Paper

Posters have the power to attract ones’ attention. One of the easiest ways of letting your customers know what you have to offer is by grabbing their attention with a bright coloured poster. One of the greatest advantages that posters have is the ability to appear almost anywhere. From the inside of a toilet stall’s door to the boards of a construction site to a railway station or lamppost, posters can be placed strategically to reach the intended audience. For example, a fast food restaurant or snack food company may wish to advertise on public transit to reach hungry commuters who can’t quite make it home without a snack. A movie based on the latest best-selling teen series will profit by being placed close to high schools. Place your posters where the intended target tends to travel. The selection of font pays a great deal when aiming for a certain target audience. You want your poster to have the effect of a bullseye, meaning that you want it to ring a bell when one reads it. Perhaps you want the passerby to feel some connection, relationship matters in business, why not find a way to build a relationship with people through the use of a well-thought poster? Posters are a work of art and art has a way of capturing ones’ mind. With a clean eye-catching design, posters leave a lasting imprint on one’s mind. Apart from being appealing, posters are a cost-effective medium of advertising with a wide range of sizes to suit your budgets and needs.

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