Full-Colour Banners Printed on PVC with eyelets



Banners are one of the cost effective mediums of marketing, making them a prevalent choice for small businesses as well as larger companies on a tight budget. Print 24 offers banner printing in Durban at reasonable costs. We providing the visual equivalent of a radio ad as far as reach is concerned.

Another major benefit of banners is the ability to target your key audience in a highly visible way. While many other advertising methods also allow you to target your ideal customer, display advertising methods such as banner advertising can be done simply by placing your banner in an area frequented by your ideal target market for example at schools, sports grounds or parking lots. At exhibits, this benefit is especially valid, but it also assists you when promoting products at an event or even promoting products outside your store to encourage people to visit.

Branded banners help to reinforce your company name, logo and image whenever they are seen. In high traffic areas, this is key to reaching large numbers of people over the course of any given day – sometimes multiple times within a short space of time.  A clearly printed banner displayed outside of your premises will ensure brand recognition and help to keep your business in your customers’ minds.

Make use of our affordable banner printing service in Durban.